Mobile internet

One of the issues with updating this Travel Blog was having access to the internet as often as possible

The laptop in use is a Toshiba Satellite AM300-1MC which has WiFi wireless connectivity built-in

GNER, now National Express East Coast, were the first Passenger Train Company to offer WiFi onboard their services initially free to First Class passengers and at cost to Standard passengers, but is now free to all passengers
It is neccessary to login before using their service
A fair usage policy is in effect and as a result some websites are denied access, such as YouTube

Grand Central followed shortly after their services were launched, free to all passengers

Virgin Trains have now installed WiFi on their Class 390 Pendolino services, again free to First Class passengers and at cost to Standard passengers
However (at the time of publishing) WiFi was still not available on Voyagers
It is necessary to login before using the service
Connections can be erratic, due to local terrain, especially in tunnels

Other TOCs planning to introduce WiFi on their services are :
Wrexham & Shrophire

Where onboard WiFi is not available then a mobile broadband service would be required
Over the 14 days it was found that 12 days connection would be required, estimated at 100 hours
orange offers the best value for money, however even on PAYG a contract and Direct Debit for excess usage is required (hardly PAYG then!)
3 (three) offers the best product for money
The modem costs £30, although this was purchased for £20 from the local store in Cumbernauld (plus a £25 topup, see below)
7GB top up costs £25, which is enough for 70 hours
A further 3GB top up costs £15, which is enough for 30 hours (which will be purchased if and when required)
This gives a total cost of £60
It should be noted that the top up MUST be converted into broadband airtime otherwise it will be used at the standard rate
This has proved to be reasonably reliable, given it is a secondary provision for where no onboard WiFi is available