Sun 21 June 2009

Day 3

Travel by private car from home to Croy, to arrive no later than 07:45
There are no car parking charges
This car park is operated by First ScotRail

08:01 Croy - Edinburgh Waverley
Operated by First ScotRail
This service was operated by 170452
This service arrived in Edinburgh Waverley at 08:45, 4 minutes early

08:50 Edinburgh Waverley - Newcastle
Operated by Cross Country
No seat reservation
Seat used Coach B Seat 17A
The locomotives were 43303 and 43207
Standard passengers were served first from the trolley, between 09:00 and 09:20
The hostess then spent the next hour making a lot of noise in the buffet
First Class ticket holders were served at 10:30
The train was delayed by 45 minutes due to overhead line problems, between Wooden Gates and Morpeth, progressing at walking pace for about 10 miles
The train arrived in Newcastle at 11:08, 47 minutes late

10:30 Newcastle - London Kings Cross
Operated by National Express East Coast
Reservation Coach K Seat 29F
There was a regular at-seat service of drinks
The locomotive was 91114
This train departed Newcastle 45 minutes late at 11:15
Due to late running it was not possible to stay on this service
This service arrived in Peterborough at 13:40, 55 minutes late

14:00 London Kings Cross - York
Operated by National Express East Coast
Reservation Coach M Seat 03
Due to earlier late running this service was boarded at Peterborough
The locomotives were 43320 and 43239
This HST was in reverse formation, with First Class at the front
The ride in this coach was rather rough, with added external noise coming through the vestibule area
This service arrived in York at 15:59, 5 minutes early

16:36 York - Edinburgh Waverley
Operated by Cross Country
Reservation Coach A Seat 40
This service was operated by Voyager 220026
This service departed York 13 minutes late
The hostess managed just one service for refreshments at 18:15
This service arrived in Edinburgh Waverley at 19:09

19:37 Edinburgh Waverley - Glasgow Central
Operated by National Express East Coast
No seat reservation
Seat used Coach K Seat 39A
The locomotive was 91102
This service arrived in Glasgow Central at 20:27

21:40 Glasgow Central - London Euston (sleeper) diverted via ECML
Operated by First ScotRail
Supplement cost £43.00
Reservation Coach J Berth 13
Breakfast was restricted to continental only, due to the diversion
This was served as the train left Doncaster at 04:00, exactly as I had asked for it
Consisting of an blueberry muffin, two shortbread, and a paper cup of tea (this is normally served to Standard ticket holders)
The locomotive was 90028, with 90035 between Wembley and London Euston
This service arrived in London Euston 10 minutes early at 06:55