Tue 23 June 2009

Day 5

Arrived in London Euston at 05:32 (see Day 4 for train details)
This allows 30 minutes to walk to London Marylebone

06:45 London Marylebone - Wrexham General
Operated by Wrexham and Shropshire
Reservation Coach A Seat 16F
I was unable to find this seat on boarding, the numbers did not match the coach layout, however there are 24 seats and was able to select any
Seat used Coach A Seat 07F
Orders for breakfast were taken shortly after boarding
The service was extremely personalised
A large pot of tea was offered, the cups were large in size and very stable on the table
The breakfast options selected were for apple juice, no cereal, full breakfast, and white toast
The full breakfast was extremely large, with three rashers of bacon, two sausages, scramble egg, a slice of black pudding, and has brown
The journey itself has the feeling of “not being in a hurry”, as the train rarely exceeded about 75mph, however this results in a very smooth and bump free ride
The seats in First Class are showing moderate signs of wear and tear, with the reclining functions not working, some fixtures broken, damaged, or even missing
However, the coaches are due to be refurbished shortly
The locomotive was 67015
This service arrived in Wrexham General at 10:44

11:04 Wrexham General - Chester
Operated by Arriva Trains Wales
No seat reservation
This service was operated by 158822
The air conditioning on this service did not appear to be functioning correctly
This service arrived in Chester at 11:21

12:35 Chester - London Euston
Operated by Virgin Trains
Reservation Coach E Seat 20
It was not known what direction the train would operate in when making the above seat reservation
Seat used Coach E Seat 40
This service was operated by SuperVoyager 221102
The hostess left the train at Crewe, the Train Manager provided the at-seat service to First Class passengers
There was a choice of pork or egg sandwich, I selected the pork, an apple, and orange juice
The Train Manager advised that if we wanted more items that we make our way to the shop which was in Coach D
The train was diverted to the slow line between Tamworth and Nuneaton
This service arrived in London Euston at 14:58, 20 minutes late

16:30 London Euston - Glasgow Central
Operated by Virgin Trains
Reservation Coach G Seat 01
This service was operated by 390047
Orders for evening meal were taken shortly after departure (menu P2)
I selected the British beef cannelloni and Chocolate dessert pot
This was followed by a drinks trolley, where I selected orange juice
The meals were served between 17:00 and 17:30
A second round of the drinks trolley followed, where I selected Cusquena beer
Shortly after departure from Preston another rounds of drinks was offered where I selected cans of Cola
This was followed by the offer of food, but this was lmited to Pork sandwiches
This service arrived in Glasgow Central at 20:40

20:48 Glasgow Central - Edinburgh Waverley
No seat reservation
Coach A Seat 32 was used
Operated by Cross Country
This train was operated by 221134
The train was unable to proceed beyond Brunstane due to a point failure and had to reverse back to Haymarket
This service arrived in Edinburgh Waverley at 22:32, 30 minutes late

23:40 Edinburgh Waverley - London Euston (sleeper)
Operated by First ScotRail
Supplement £43.00
Reservation Coach B Berth 11
The hot breakfast was selected
This was served as the train passed Milton Keynes at 05:30, as I had asked for it, consisting of an all day breakfast panini, strawberry yoghurt, orange juice, and a pot of tea
The locomotive was 90035, replaced by 90036 between Carstairs and London Euston
This service arrived in London Euston at 06:15, 22 minutes early